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golf in Vietnam

Do you want to enjoy a nice golf break in a completely new way? There are many places to enjoy a nice weekend full of golf in Vietnam. If you want to enjoy a nice place to golf, then consider checking out Vietnam. This golf course is known for being one of the best and most prestigious golfing destinations in the entire world. This wonderful golf course has been the place to host golfing tournaments like the Ryder Cup. Since it is located right in Dong Mo, it is a course where the people in the Vietnam always visit. The golf course is known for keeping great maintenance of the course, not to mention provide golfers with the peace and quiet of a clean golf course.

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If you visit, expect to find a wide variety of different services and great discounts to visiting the wonderful Dong Mo. The course is known for being quite popular throughout Vietnam, and if you book through this website, you can be sure to save money and receive great discounts for their offers. The truth is that going to such a place can be quite hard and expensive. If you are currently not able to invest the money needed, then you should really consider checking out this online website since they have some great offers to save cash during a trip.

What golf courses are worth visiting nearby Danang Golf Club?
Aside from just the Belfry, there are many other courses nearby that should also be checked out while you are in the West Midlands. All of these courses are very popular, and they all have gained massive respect among some of the top golfers of the world. Another great golf course of Australian golf legend and former world No. 1 Greg Norman, its chief feature is a 7,160-yard, 18-hole, links-style layout that was designed to capture the true spirit of the game— blown-out bunkers, firm and fast fairways.

The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip
This course is known for their wide array of amenities and the Ho Tram hotel nearby. If you want to stay at a top-notch resort, this is the place to visit. The golf course is also of the highest level of quality, and the entire course offers beautiful views that every golfer needs to see while being on the course. With two different courses to choose and a wide array of hotel amenities, families and golfers alike will enjoy the atmosphere at this golf course destination. The Greg Norman-designed 18-hole course which has just held the Ho Tram Open – a lucrative US$1.5 million Asian Tour tournament. The golf course is built among the unique terrain in the sand hills of Ho Tram has been transformed into a more visually attractive and intimidating layout. The Bluffs also won the noble title of “2015 The World’s Best New Golf Course” award at the prestigious annual 2nd World Golf Awards Ceremony that took place at Conrad Algarve, Portugal.

Vietnam Golf & Country Club
This golf club has an extensively strong and well put together golf course. However, it is their nine-hole academy course layout that takes the cake. This is the place where beginners and advanced golfers alike get the coaching they need to reach their fullest potential in the sport. If you are going to enjoy Vietnam Golf & Country Club, be sure to check out the two other golfing destinations during your trip. There are many people who usually only visit one golf course and they stay at only one hotel. Consider checking out all three during one trip to enjoy different golf courses and settings while also enjoying the high-class resorts that they offer nearby. Located at a distance of 17 kilometers from the heart of the luxury hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, this is the most played golf course in Vietnam. The 36-hole course is divided into two 18-hole courses: East and West. Lee Trevino, six-time Major Champion designed the East Course in 1997. The East Course which measures 6,922 yards, is tougher with more generous fairways than its cousin.

travel website about my trip in Vietnam

One of the most important aspects of running a travel website is being able to travel. This can be a difficult task. While many travelers start up a travel blog at the beginning of their first around the world trip, many fails or lose interest part way through their travels. Running a successful travel website takes a full-time commitment and this can really cut into your quality time seeing the world.

How can a person travel and enjoy their time exploring the earth while running a successful travel website?
It is much easier to keep up to date with everything when you are at home in the comforts of your living room, but on the road any situation can pop up. You may be in the middle of the jungle for several days or climbing a mountain without Internet access. Many countries have terrible and slow connections and you may find that you cannot upload photos or even get into your site.
You have to be prepared for any situation and you never want to have a website that hasn’t been updated for long periods of time.
We have developed a system that not only allows us to travel, but to go on multiday adventures without even looking at the Internet while still managing to post content 7 days a week. While things are easier when we are not travelling, we have our greatest increase in traffic and interest when we are out exploring the world. So, our goal is to be on the road as much as we can each year. Here are the ways that we manage to stay on top of social media, post content regularly and manage to contribute to other blogs through guest posts and interviews regularly.

1. Schedule Posts
Before leaving on a trip to Vietnam, we have two weeks of blog posts already scheduled and we use Vietnam visa on arrival service. We stay two weeks ahead on our blog at all times. This gives us a cushion if we find ourselves in a situation where we can’t get to an Internet. Even though we are not in the location that we are writing about at the time, nobody knows it. Only our core group of friends and fellow bloggers know the truth about where we are, but they are not the audience we are writing for. We write for people searching for information on a location or people that are interested in our adventures and don’t know us personally. They still get the story, just two weeks later than when we were there.

2. Schedule Social Bookmarking Sites
It is extremely important not to fall out of the loop of social networks.  We receive a lot of our traffic from twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon. We learned early in our travels that if we didn’t tweet and share another people’s content, they would forget about us. We use a combination of and TUN Travel to schedule tweets. Bloggers that we know who put out good solid content regularly are tweeted automatically from TUN Travel. In doing so, we can instantly share their content and not even be online.
We will spend a day scheduling people’s content to be tweeted and shared at different times throughout the week.  This allows us to add a human element to our scheduled tweets. Auto tweeting doesn’t allow any personality, but when scheduling tweets with your own little comments it allows you to engage with your audience.
Use Facebook Effectively – Start a fan page and use networked blogs to syndicate your content on facebook. It will automatically pull your feed from your blog and post your content onto facebook as soon as it is published.  This lets your fans instantly know when your new post is up.  You can also schedule facebook status updates through TUN.

3. Photos
We host our photos on SmugMug and Flickr. This allows us to mass upload photos to be used on the website.  SmugMug houses our more professional travel photos while Flickr hosts our snapshots. Both types of photos are just as important to further the story of a post. These sites are useful because it is quick and easy to upload several photos at once rather than inserting one photo at a time to the blog.  All we have to do once we write the article is to link the photos to the post where we want them. This saves valuable time online.

4. Write posts ahead of time
There is a lot of down time when traveling. You can spend hours on a bus or sitting in an airport. Use that time to do work.  Pre-write your post on your laptop and sort and choose your photos for uploading. When you have an Internet connection all you have to do is copy and paste your content into the site. And when it comes to your photos, all you have to do is upload the album that you have already made.
I even pre-write my tags and the excerpt for my post so that I don’t waste time having to think about anything at the Internet.  The less time I have to spend online, the more time I have to enjoy my travels.

5. Keep a Journal
When you are out on a tour jot down some notes. This will help you write a post faster than trying to remember details or having to look up information.  I brainstorm ideas all the time in my journal and keep it close by for quick reference.

6. Buy an iPhone or Blackberry
We always carry an iPhone to answer emails. Advertisers contact us daily and we would hate to miss out on a business opportunity because we can’t get on the Internet. We buy a SIM card and data plan in each country as soon as we enter. Our iPhone has become one of our most important items because it’s an excellent way to stay connected.   We can send out tweets and facebook updates and moderate comments on our blog all while stuck in transit.

7. Enjoy your travels
We travel hard and then we work hard. We will go for several days at a time unplugged but nobody knows it. By doing all the legwork, we stay connected and have posts coming out regularly while we are off enjoying the adventure of a lifetime.  Once we are finished our adventure, we then settle in for a couple of days to catch up on our work and write our next round of posts.
Take advantage of the many times that you will be stuck waiting for boats, trains, planes and buses to get your work done. There is nothing else to do in a waiting area but wait; you might as well do your blogging so that you don’t have to work when you arrive at your destination.
We like to immerse ourselves in our travels.  We aren’t a type of traveler that sits in one place for months on end. We take part in adventures; we go on treks and move around a lot.  The last thing we want to do is spend too much time on the Internet.

What do you know about travel?

Have you traveled enough to have developed a personal system or organizational plan for traveling? If you have planned to you want to improve them? If you were involved in an emergency situation during your travels, could you handle yourself? If you cannot answer these questions confidently, look at the tips below.

Do not bring anything valuable that you will not need. Bringing too many valuable items on a trip just increases the chance that some of them will be lost or stolen.

Airplane travels requires that you plan ahead to prevent problems and you must have a valid visa (E-visa to Vietnam). Remember that it’s easy to hit traffic on the way to the airport, especially if it’s in a big city. Pack up all your suitcases the night before you travel. Make all the preparations you need well before your flight. With good preparation, you are sure to make your flight and not have to worry about missing it.

Always keep a picture of your child on you. A lost child is one of the most frightening things a parent can face. Though it certainly feels devastating, it is a reality for many. Having a photo, you can show people immediately if the child becomes lost could wind up making a substantial difference in getting them back quickly.

Do not expect an airline to cater to your whims when you are flying. Bring anything you need to keep yourself entertained and comfortable. You may also want to purchase a snack before boarding the plane.

If you have to drive a distance to the port to get on a cruise, drive there the night before and stay at a hotel that has free parking. Ask the hotel’s staff when it comes to parking deals even though none are published or you can require when you book a room online on hotels in Hanoi Vietnam.

You can see exotic and memorable ecosystems in the deserts. For many people, the first sight of a desert is like nothing else. Many feels that everyone should be treated to a majestic view of a desert at least once in their lifetime.

Taking a sleeping pill can make a red-eye flight much easier. Many people find it difficult to sleep on an airplane, between the unfamiliar surroundings, uncomfortable seats, and passenger and aircraft noise. A sleeping pill may be just what you need to go to sleep quickly and make it through your flight without any problems. Don’t take any pills until after the plan has taken off. If there is an issue or delay you would be sleeping in the terminal!

Sign up for online newsletters from the major airlines you like to use to fly. These pieces of information contain last-minute offers, discounts and various deals that may be unavailable to the general public. E-newsletters can provide you with money-saving discounts that are beneficial to your travel, even though they may also contribute a clogged inbox.

Getting a pass to the National Parks is a good idea if you frequently visit the parks. The cost is only 50 dollars and good for admission to all national parks for the one-year time frame.

Travelling doesn’t always mean you have to venture towards the other side of the world for something new. There are plenty of vacation spots in your state or perhaps one that is close by. You can stay close and support the local economy, while you also save money. You might even learn about a great attraction in your area that you didn’t know about.

If you want to relish every moment of your trip, don’t forget how fickle Mother Nature can be. You should always check the weather forecast for your destination. This way, you can prepare for unpleasant surprises and plan alternate activities if the beach is too frigid or the ski slope is sweltering.

Some travel sites offer an e-tracking option. If you have the choice, use it. It updates you on the cheapest travel rates. Most sites offer email alerts and mobile alerts if savings are available. When going to a different country, stay away from exchanging currency. You can get that country’s currency easily. A better way to obtain currency in the new country is by using ATM machines. ATMs tend to have use more favorable exchange rates, and also generally have lower fees than exchanges.

Do you feel like you are better informed about traveling? Use this advice to make an airtight travel plan. Can you now add things that work with you and your budget? Are you ready for emergencies? With the tips above, you should have better answers to questions like these.